Welcome To Leopard Enterprises

Leopard Enterprises has been set up to provide a steady supply of management consultancy services to this huge demand from the increasing business population in the UK. Due to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) growth being especially concentrated the South East, Leopard Enterprises will aim to mainly target this market segment.

Why Leopard Enterprises

Leopard will use a variety of the latest marketing tools to enable highest market penetration in order to gain a good market share. Some of the methods used for marketing will be personal marketing, internet marketing, guerrilla marketing, digital marketing and out of home advertising. With plenty of businesses, new and old, already set up and established in the South East of England and plenty more entrepreneurs wishing to set up business, there is plenty of opportunity for Leopard Enterprises to set up a profitable business in this market.


Our vision is to be recognized as a top management consultancy company with reliable services and established presence in the UK market.


Our mission is to provide quality services to the customers that would win clients satisfaction and loyalty.

Services Offered

  • Some of the services provided will include:
  • Developing and managing marketing management techniques.
  • Analysis and interpretation of information gained from customer data.
  • Problem identification concerned with business strategy and procedures.
  • Implementing recommendations/solutions and ensuring the client receives the necessary assistance.

Goals to Achieve

  • Expanding target market to larger businesses and businesses across the UK within 6 years
  • Establishing a rigorous recruitment procedure within 2 years to ensure employment of the best professionals and various skill sets to compliment the business.
  • Setting up a training program and work experience program in collaboration with educational establishments within 3 years.
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